Friday, May 8, 2009

Earth Week Cleanup on the Cays

In association with Project AWARE’s Dive for Earth Day campaign, Captain Morgan’s Dive Centre organized a series of events to kick off Earth Week on Jewel Cay, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. After two dives on the north side of Utila, we returned to Hotel Kayla where we started the preparations for the Dive Masters in Training (DMTs) Endurance Challenge, consisting of a swim test, treading water, snorkel test and a tired diver tow. Our three DMTs, Tini, Nicolette and Sunni did a fantastic job while everyone was cheering them on from our double level dock.

After the competition ended, we were joined by the children from the Richard H Rose School for their cleanup effort; over 30 students participated by donning gloves and filling up garbage bags with litter from the cays. Meanwhile, 15 divers got into their gear, split up into two groups to clean up Jewel Cay Lagoon, the reef just off our dock – it was a coordinated effort, with a kayak following the divers to empty their mesh bags so they can continue their efforts without interruption. The school children were rewarded for their efforts with cake and refreshments before being invited for a Discover Snorkelling experience.

The divers were treated with a BBQ and cold drinks once their hard work was over; we were left with a mountain of garbage to transport back to Utila, and most of all with the satisfaction of doing our small part toward improving our environment in honour of Earth Week. Many thanks to all those involved from the entire Captain Morgan’s team and the residents of the Utila Cays!

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