Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hello from Utila! Despite all the rain we are still managing to get out and do some great diving on the Northside. The weather is meant to be clearing up soon and we're getting more and more bookings for February and March. With a new team on board we are excited about the coming season. Get in touch if you fancy coming to visit!! The Captain Morgans Team.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Famed Reggae songwriter and performer from Kingston Jamaica, Eric Donaldson, is scheduled as Utila Carnival's mail attraction this year. The concert will be free to the public and is planned to be held at Chepas Beach. You don't want to miss this event if you're planning a visit to Central America.


Sunday June 28th President Zelaya was taken from the Presidential Palace by the Military and then transported to Costa Rica by air. The Congress later named Roberto Michiletti as interim President. President Michiletti has vowed that the Presidential elections in November will continue as scheduled. As Head of Congress Michiletti was next in line as President in accordance with the Honduran Constitution.

Zelaya's insistence on a referendum vote which had been ruled as illegal and a violation of the Constitution by both the Honduran Supreme Court and the Congress led to removing him from office. The referendum vote was reputed to be Zelaya's attempt to make changes to the Honduran Constitution in order to stay in power beyond his 4 year term.

Zeleya's association with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has created distrust in the majority of Hondurans as to his motives and fear that Democracy was in danger by Chavez style Socialism. Using the Military to remove Zelaya from power unfortunately has created sympathy by the international community however 70% of Hondurans do not support Zelaya.

Although some countries have issued travel alerts for Honduras tourists continue to arrive to Utila without problems or incident.


The Utila Dive Safety and Environmental Council (UDSEC) purchased a cargo vessel, the Captain Berto, with plans to make a new dive site and help create marine habitat. The permit process is under way and hopefully will be completed soon.

The Captain Berto, previously the "Starfish" for years was the only cargo boat servicing Utila so as a new Wreck Dive she will continue to serve the island. Before we had a passenger ferry it was also the primary transportation for tourists coming to dive. The Starfish would come from La Ceiba every Tuesday afternoon loaded with produce, lumber, and drums of fuel as well as passengers.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whale Sharks are back!!!

Whale Sharks have returned once again the waters off the North side of Utila. We're having perfect weather conditions for spotting these gentle giants of the sea. Our customers and staff are having a great time snorkeling with these impressive creatures so if you're into Whale Sharks come see us.

Nobody dives the North Side more, NOBODY!

Shaken...But Not Stirred

May 28th, 2:25 am Honduras & the Bay Islands experienced a 7.1 earthquake. The USGS placed the epicenter 27 miles Northeast of Roatan and 6.2 miles deep.

Utila experienced no damage other than broken dishes and the like. Electrical service was not interrupted, ferry service continues normally and Scuba diving schedules remain unchanged.